IB Learner Profile video


The Year 9/10 Language Acquisition students are ever-mindful of how the IB Learner Profile traits can enhance our lives as students.  This project was a ‘mannequin’ film we produced to visually represent some of the traits (reflective, thinker, balanced, risk-taker, and open-mindedness).

Impressions – Volume 2


I am excited to present, for your delight and (dare I say it?) edification, a selection of writing, art and photography from UISZ students from Years 7 through 11, and staff, in this, our second edition of Impressions. A massive ‘thank you’ to all the composers involved in this process, and particularly to Mr Jon den Hartigh for his ongoing support. In the previous edition, the writers’ provided a segue-way to the creation of the artworks. In this edition, the process was flipped: the artists provided various visual stimuli for the writers. Writers were also encouraged to include the six elements of a balanced story, namely, exposition, description, introspection, dialogue, action and emotion, in their work which, I believe, they have done fairly effectively.
The theme of this edition is ‘The Journey’ in all its manifestations – physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological, intellectual, personal and imaginative.  Our contributors to this anthology have certainly grappled with the diverse concept of journey in their stories and images. Carl Sagan asserted, wisely, that ‘writing is perhaps the greatest of human inventions, binding together people, citizens of distant epochs, who never knew one another. Stories break the shackles of time ! proof that humans can work magic.’ And so it is with all art. As you read the various stories and reflect on the images and artwork, I express the hope that you will find some magic in the creative texts in the pages that follow and that they challenge you on your own journey.


Included in this publication is a selection from the year
12 DP Visual Arts’ Exhibition. I am always amazed at
the variety of work that the young artists produce in a
year and a half. From primitive paintings to staged
photography, this group was no exception. Much time
and energy went into these pieces and I am very happy to see them
live on in this edition of Impressions. There is no set no formula for creating art; each of
the works in this volume mirror the artists’ personality and style. From calculated and
careful to random and gestural, I am very proud of this year’s graduating art students and
their work. I wish them the all the best in the future.



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