MUN Notes from Mr. Peebles

Notes from Mr Peebles:

Our fifth annual U2NESCO Model United Nations (MUN) is fast approaching and it is set to be our biggest event to date. With ten international schools and over two hundred delegates this going to be a great opportunity for our delegates to have a productive three days of discussion, debate, and resolution writing. The skills and relationships that are built over this conference are ones that will serve our students in the years to come.

MUN has proven to be a great preparation for continued success in both secondary school and is something that top-tier universities expect of their applicants. That is why we are so excited to see close to 100% participation from across year six to year eleven. This commitment to furthering academic endeavors outside of the classroom is exactly what we strive for her at UISZ.

With so many students participating this year preparations had to have started months ago. The leadership team of Pei E Cheong, Linda Zeng, and Mr. Peebles started preparations for this event at the end of last academic year and they have been slowly ramping up from that time. In the past weeks delegates have been going through training sessions both in their Individual and Societies class as well as during lunch time sessions with some of our leadership team. This type of preparation will serve the students well as they step into the conferences rooms on Friday, January 19th.

As we continue to grow and develop this MUN program it is very important to include younger students in our leadership roles but as well it is important to get primary years program students involved as well. It is very exciting that Ms. Fuller’s year six students will be participating this year. As well, Mr. Rivera’s Year five class is doing a Unit of Inquiry related to the United Nations. Mr. Peebles was able to go into Mr. Rivera’s class to talk to them a little about Human Rights and the United Nations.

Mr. Peebles talking to Mr. Rivera’s Year 5 class about Human Rights and the United Nations

Mr. Peebles and the MUN Leadership Team are looking forward to another successful Model United Nations and more updates will come soon.

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