INSPIREd in November

INSPIREd entered its sixth week for the second cycle and our boarders continue to embrace its challenges with enthusiasm and commitment. Moreover, in the interests of promoting room cleanliness and punctuality, there is a new incentive scheme in place whereby boarders can earn raffle tickets for prize draw every two weeks with a major draw at the end of each term. This scheme is starting to bear fruit with improvements in the targeted areas.

Last week Dragon House also hosted its third Honour Ceremony, for October/November, and special dinner. The theme of the celebration was ‘Community’, the key idea taken from the African worldview, namely Ubuntu. This term espouses the idea that ‘I am who I am because of who we are’.

Apart from welcoming new boarders and acknowledging birthdays, a number of awards were also presented. Congratulations to our boarders of the month, namely, Keff and Christian (Secondary Boys), Zoe and Hailey (Secondary Girls) and Kinneth (Primary). The Active Award (Healthy Mind Healthy Body) was presented to Kenny and Pedro (Year 12) and Aloysius (Yr 11). Lastly, the Heart-of-a-Dragon Award, presented to a non-BE member of staff who has gone above and beyond in his support of boarding, was made to Mr Paul Clevenger this month. Not only that, Mr Clevenger received the prestigious and much coveted Perhaps Room Tidiness Non-award. Well done to all our recipients. The boarding Community salutes you!

Till next time, a luta continua

The Dragon House Community




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