Week without Walls: Year 12

Twin Moon Bay

Part One

Welcome to the world of Week Without Walls: Twin Moon Bay Edition. Yesterday, we made the journey from our halls of UtahloyZengcheng to the esteemed destination of WeHouse in Twin Moon Bay. The students began their journey by packing their science equipment, which will help them to analyse soil samples and hypothesize about the goings on in the ecosystem. This will allow them to complete their Group 4 Project.

The students are enjoying their time immensely. Yesterday when we arrived, we went on a beach walk and developed a sense of the lay of the land. Today they are out on the beach engaging in data collection and experiments. Later this afternoon they will create their presentations, and tomorrow they will exhibit their findings to the group.

This has been a wonderful experience for them to connect with each other and build a sense of community within their year group. I am excited to see what they produce tomorrow!

Part Two

Our students completed their Group 4 project yesterday in spectacular fashion.  They worked in groups of 4 or 5 and presented their findings to the group. This allowed them to work on their scientific presentation and inquiry skills.  The students were very appreciative of the work Mr. Burleigh, Mr. Abbas, Mr. James, and Nana did with them on the project.  They were definitely successful.

Once the presentations were complete, we headed over to the restaurant and made our own lunch.  The students began to develop leadership roles at this time because they were asked to make lunch for each other. After lunch, we went to the beach and played a game of Human Knots.  The students were amazing as they navigated the knot and never gave up even though the solution looked impossible.  Leaders continued to emerge from this situation.

After this, the students did a beach scavenger hunt in which their teams of 4 had to find a series of items such as red shells, smooth pebbles, selfies in front of sand castles, etc.  Each team worked well together and each of them successfully completed the scavenger hunt.

Next, we went to the local market to pick up food for our barbecue.  The students experienced the local market for the first time and bought some amazing food including fresh clams, oysters, shrimp, beef, chicken, tofu, and vegetable dishes.  We then went and had the barbecue.  The students cooked and shared with each other.  This experience was truly wonderful, as it was clear how the students came together and established a caring community.  They truly enjoyed this experience and finished the evening reflecting on all they accomplished and enjoyed throughout the day.

Today, we are going on a mountain hike and will later engage in some beach sports, leadership team building activities, and reflections.  Thank you for all your support and we look forward to seeing you soon.


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