An Open Letter to Dr. Gaither

Students in Ms. St. Clair’s IB English contacted Dr. Clair Gaither to ask him some questions on our topic of Alternative vs. Traditional medicine.  We discovered his website and after some research, our class came up with six questions that we wanted to ask.  We wanted to learn his answers, and we were surprised to get the detailed responses from him.  The result of  this project was a deep discussion, you can find it on our class website here.  Now we understand how blogging is a great way to make global connections!

  1. What is difficult about your job? Do you have challenges with burnout?
  2. Would you say your treatment is based on psychology or biology?
  3. How can students reduce stress?
  4. Which works better for people who suffer from depression: alternative or western medicine?
  5. What makes your advice different from others?
  6. Does it really help to teach people how to cope with work before they get job burnout?


Athletics Day

Many thanks to Jeffrey Koops for organizing a fun-filled day of sports competitions.  Students enjoyed being out in perfect weather.  Much appreciation also goes to our resident MC, Brian Burleigh.  Water House took first place in this event.


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