Teacher Feature: Mr. Power

by Nicholas Lee

You might think that Mr.Power is a cool guy who only loves his “Design” stuff, since he is our design teacher at Utahloy International School Zengcheng.  Actually, he is much more then just an ordinary teacher.

When he was young, he developed his design skills with his dad in his free-time. “ I always worked with my father on the weekends; and also in my free time, I could go and help him build kitchens, or build roofs, build houses, stuff like that,” Mr. Power explained. He had already been teaching design classes for more then ten years, and he always enjoyed his job.

He was raised in a catholic family, and religion was a big part of his school life. Although he does not go to church anymore, he still celebrates some important events with his family. His past makes him appreciate what he was given, and what to do in the right situation.

“My religious beliefs reminded me of what the right things to do were,” Mr. Power said.

“Students, are much more respectful at UISZ, and there are no classroom managements or behavior issues here,” Mr.Power said. He mentioned that he was really satisfied with UISZ, and he thinks that there are a lot of differences between an international school and an ordinary western school. Even now, he still thinks that the western schools have more behavior problems than UISZ.

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