Teacher Feature: Mr Koops


by Megan Tian

Teachers are usually strict, serious, mad, and scary. However, Mr.Koops is the exception. He is the giant at Utahloy International school Zeng Cheng, and the PE teacher.

Mr.Koops had his first job at fourteen, he had to help his uncle in the market shop. He had a few more jobs after university and chose the sport option for physical activities. He explained that he had a PE teacher in school that was impressive, “ I wanted to be someone like him. I like sports, I like teaching sports, and sports is my passion”. IN the past, Mr.Koops had taught in a few countries.   He spent most of the time teaching in Holland; but before that, he worked at a little island  which is also in Holland.

Then UISZ offered him a job in China, so he went, and thought he would give it a try. 

“The culture was different, the language and how people do things are very different.” Mr. Koops explained. 

He said when he needs to say something in China,  he has to say things a few times until the person listens; but in the western countries once or twice is enough.

Maybe it is the language barrier.

Teacher Feature: Mr. Power

by Nicholas Lee

You might think that Mr.Power is a cool guy who only loves his “Design” stuff, since he is our design teacher at Utahloy International School Zengcheng.  Actually, he is much more then just an ordinary teacher.

When he was young, he developed his design skills with his dad in his free-time. “ I always worked with my father on the weekends; and also in my free time, I could go and help him build kitchens, or build roofs, build houses, stuff like that,” Mr. Power explained. He had already been teaching design classes for more then ten years, and he always enjoyed his job.

He was raised in a catholic family, and religion was a big part of his school life. Although he does not go to church anymore, he still celebrates some important events with his family. His past makes him appreciate what he was given, and what to do in the right situation.

“My religious beliefs reminded me of what the right things to do were,” Mr. Power said.

“Students, are much more respectful at UISZ, and there are no classroom managements or behavior issues here,” Mr.Power said. He mentioned that he was really satisfied with UISZ, and he thinks that there are a lot of differences between an international school and an ordinary western school. Even now, he still thinks that the western schools have more behavior problems than UISZ.

Mr. DenHartigh: A Heart for Art


by Patrick Liao

Mr D has tried many jobs, but he enjoys teaching art the most…

Jon Denhartigh is an art teacher from America.  He now teaches at UISZ, but he has had many jobs before this. He couldn’t find a regular occupation since he graduated from college with an art degree.  This is the story of how “Mr.D” became interested in being an art teacher

“I never wanted to be a teacher”

Mr. D.  said that he had been a landscaper, a truck driver, construction a worker and even a cleaner before. But those aren’t his preferred occupations. In this desperate situation, he started to teach English.   As time went by  he loved the times when he was teaching, and the feeling takes him to way of teaching.

“My love for painting makes me a better teacher”

After he started to teach English, he started to teach art.    He loves the process of making art, and this motivated him to be a teacher.   He has been teaching lots of people in different countries, and he enjoys the different cultures of art in the different countries.

Nothing inspires him to be a teacher more than art.

Teacher Feature: Ms. Rice



by Danny Jo

Ms. Rice is a teacher at UISZ, but she was originally interested in dancing.   Now her hobbies are watching, films, reading books, swimming, and walking for fitness. However, when she was young the story went the other way…

  “I use to do dance, ballet and tap dance until I was 17-years-old,” she said.

Ms. Rice teaches humanities at UISZ and she has strong characteristics that everyone acknowledges. She has  good skills in teaching her students, and they are satisfied with her as a teacher.  Another interesting fact about Ms. Rice is that no one in her family motivated her to be a teacher.

 “My father was a carpenter, and my mother was a nurse.” 

She was born in the United Kingdom, in a family with one younger brother. So, she chose to be a teacher when she was 16 or 17-year-old, and now she became a teacher in our school. After her high school, she went to Cardiff university and graduated from there. Having finished the university, she decided to become a teacher and then she went to Sussex university to get a college degree. Having finished her degree she try teaching for 5 years. That was 15 years ago! And now she loves to teach her students.

She taught in 2 different schools in U.K after her degree. The first school, she taught for 3 years and the other school, she taught for 10 years!

From her perspective,  UISZ is smaller than other schools,  and this makes our school have a better community feel. She also thinks that in some way it is lot easier because of a smaller number, smaller class sizes,  and also the British teaching system. 

She would love to continue teaching after this term.

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