Week Six is short and sweet

It’s been a short week in Secondary, as we celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival this Thursday and Friday.
Four students will represent UISZ at the ACAMIS Golf tournament in Shenzhen very soon. Mr. Fuller will be coaching them during CCA rotation 2 when they start their training.  The boys and girls volleyball teams went to play in the GISAC league at Clifford International Schoo (CIS). Thanks to Mr Koops and Mr Burleigh who went with the teams for coaching and support.
Mr Woodland has finally arrived, and we are so excited to welcome him. He has spent the weekend finding his way around Zengcheng and meeting new colleagues. His wife, Shelley and young son, Remy will be joining him in the next 3 weeks.Mr Woodland arrived last Friday and is excited to be here! And we are just as excited to have him.  Mr. Woodland teaches MYP math, MYP Science, DP Environment Systems and Societies, and is the CAS Coordinator.



Week Five Celebrations

We love to celebrate! Each month, the secondary school recognizes students who have performed well, celebrating the progress and achievements of the students.  Awards given included merit winners for each of the four Houses and the learner profile of the month, which was Inquirer.

August Merit winners were:  Yoyo Zhang (Earth), Mickey Jo (Water), Joanne Tsai (Fire), and Erin Lee and Peter Tan (joint winners from Wind)

Mickey Jo  was the overall winner for the highest number of merits in Secondary, she received a total of 52 merits during August – Bravo Mickey!

Learner Profile (Inquirer) winners were Helen (MYP) and Alexey (DP).

Positive referrals from Ms. Kuhn went to: Polly Zhao, Year 8 Academic Skills, for an excellent presentation on Third Culture Kids and Simon Yuan, Year 12 English B, for an excellent, positive attitude and for working hard since the beginning of the year.

Our Australian students from China New Horizons, our visiting school program, returned from a five-day trip to Pak Lap where they participated in an array of leadership and adventurous activities.  They are back in the secondary school taking Chinese lessons and making friends with all our students.

  • China New Horizons students returned from a five-day trip to Pak Lap


IB Diploma Biology students will tell you that the world is their classroom.  They visited the bamboo forest on campus as part of their unit of inquiry. This allowed them to investigate and collect data from a real life eco-system. We are so lucky to be able to live in and learn from this breathtakingly beautiful campus.

In other news, the Cobra sports team attended the first competitive game of the season. Both the boys and girls teams went to AISG to play in the GISAC league. A big thanks to Mr Koops and Mr Burleigh who went with the teams for coaching and support.


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